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From business IT solution to business management we are the finest at all corporate sectors

We are glad to give you premium corporate workstation, network as well as business optimizations services nationwide and now we are also aiming to outsource quality IT services for national as well as overseas clients in the industry. Here you will have a brief tour to our services that we are pledged  to provide with sincerity to our clients.

On-Site Assistance

A company often require on-site support engineers and technical workers to deal with any urgent deficiencies raise on the spot. We brought to you on-site expert services for commercial IT support.

Remote Support

Unlike on-site assistance remote support is entirely conducted over internet or phone call. Our virtual assistants and engineers are well provide your company remote supports over phone, mail or live chat process.

Additional Services

We have strong grip on data entry and management, virtual assistance, CCTV monitoring, business branding and supply chain management solutions for you.

Weekly / Monthly Maintenance

We will give a scheduled maintenance check to your business IT infrastructure. Whether it is pc troubleshooting, or network routing for office, we will do it all.

AMS or MMS IT Maintenance

Two types of services; Annual Maintenance Services(AMS) which is an annual contract and Monthly Maintenance Service(MMS) which comprises of six months service.

Business Management

Eicra Soft Ltd is now comprises a total business branding assistance solution as well as commercial supply chain management service for client companies.

Company IT Solution

Reliable office network, computer and peripheral technology maintenance and management service

Business Management Assistance

Professional provider of efficient and sustainable business supply chain assistance along with reputed company branding promoters.