Check Out Our On-site Assistance Services!

Sometime virtual or online support is just not enough. A company often require on-site support engineers and technical workers to deal with urgent servicer security auditing and monitoring, or any deficiencies raised on the workstation maintenance aspects in a company. We understand this need and therefore brought to you on-site expert service to deal with all your company’s workstation and other IT issues.

Our AMC or Annual Maintenance Charge is convenient for most companies who doesn't like to be bothered for regular IT maintenance charges for their business.

Emergency IT Support

Sudden crisis may struck in form of workstation crush, network errors, security breach etc. We act with urgency on those sudden downfalls.

Periodical Maintenance

Regular maintenance in a company is inevitable as far as office computer, network and other peripheral IT appliances are on a constant run.

Security Audits

On-site analysis, monitoring and tweaking the security devices and system as a part of regular security auditing has no better alternatives in the market.

Data Loss Prevention (DLP)

On-site strategic data management prevents most chances of data loss in a company. We keep recovery points, SSD backups etc to prevent data loss.

On-site IT Management

Our on-site IT experts keep in account all the IT resources, for instance, number of workstations and peripheral devices, network or routing cables etc.

Hardware Installation or Upgrade

Virtual support doesn't go with hardware maintenance in an office. Our on-site specialist do all hardware related duties throughout the contract period.

Network Installation or Configuration

Similar to hardware tweaking, network setup requires an expert on the spot to route, analyze, ping or remodel the office network structure for better performance.

VPN & Firewall Administration

These functionalities come along with the security services we provide to our client companies. This eventually improves the network privacy in corporate stance.