CCTV Monitoring and Security

We are not limited to typical company tasks; which are technical and network configurations for companies but rather tends to exceed the functional spectrum in the industry. We have therefore brought several useful services. Some of which are directly related to our existing services but rest gives additional values to our clients in the market.

Eicra Soft came up with brilliant on-premises security solutions that guarantees flawless and bulletproof surveillance facility. This is one of our additional services that keeps your workplace safe from any unauthorized intruders. We configure and integrate each of the security appliances in such a way that these give out 100% potentiality to your business once installed.

As for additional services, other than surveillance devices, such as CC cameras we digitize and make the staff access points much more safer using state of the art finger print entry, retina scanning, card punch and even latest face recognition technologies.

Under our contract and as per company’s demand, we design and configure the intranet environment so that, online excess can be managed and configured inside the workplace. This prevents unauthorized data access and helps monitor regular staff activities during work hours in the company.

Cloud Solutions (Consulting, Migration, Security & Management)

Another additional services we provide is the cloud solution. Our IT experts who are already working at a constant rate for various other companies in nation are excellent when it comes of providing your company various solutions relevant to cloud service.

Server and Network monitoring (capacity and performance)

We are authorized by several tech moguls in the world. Thanks to our excellent network and server monitoring technologies we provide to our clients. Therefore once your company undergoes our server and network monitoring and maintenance  service package, be assure to get the best solution in town.

Regular IT infrastructure audit

Your company deserves a optimized IT infrastructure to complete the present business in the industry. With that so, we pledge to assist you in building up a superior and more sustainable IT infrastructure for your company.

Data entry & data management

We know how important data is. Things get even more intense when this data is important for your business.  With that saying so, we provide reliable and error-free data entry and management service for your business. The plus side is that non of our staff are new in the industry and have years of experience and absolute experts in their own field.

Our data entry and management experts in the field analyze the raw data from the source and efficiently separate out useful data from the rest.

Next they analyze the context thoroughly. Our experts figure out exactly where do we need to implement the extracted data. After all, we know very well only having data is of no use until we know exactly where to use that particular data in the industry. Therefore our personnel in the field, gather, configure and implement data and come out with the most efficient and effective piece of  information for our client companies.

Disaster Recovery

Disaster can struck anytime in form of data loss and system failure in a company. We know that and therefore once under contract, we are ready to plunge and serve your company during crisis.

Business Continuity Planning

IT deficiency often cease-up business continuity in the market. This is inacceptable as we want you to go forth in the business no matter what. We can assist you in business continuity planning process.

Dedicated On-site Engineer

When competitor companies in the industry provide you solutions and services keeping service representatives mare IT technicians, we have expert engineers at the frontline. Our network and system engineers are well educated in the relevant field and certified accordingly. They have years of practical field. So, when education meets experiences, you can expect to get best in quality services.

Virtual Assistance Service

Pandemics may keep you isolated outside of your professional arena, but can’t keep business assistance away from your business. We have equipped and integrated ingenious virtual assistance service amid other functionalities of ours. The virtual assistance service is very effective and our assistants are exclusively trained to work and assistant on virtual environment.

Once under our yearly contract, we deploy dedicated virtual assistant for your assistance. You can shuffle and switch between assistants based on qualification, years of experiences and company compatibility requirements.

Our bona fide online company assistant service can take control of all the additional services within short time right after appointment and will work just like a company assistant in real world.

Supply Chain Management

Get the best supply chain management services that can aid and accelerate your business. We assure you that our company’s supply chain management service will boost your business productivity.

IT Outsourcing

The company comes up with IT outsourcing services for national and foreign corporations. To keep company goodwill intact, we tend to provide the best outsourcing solutions to our clients in the IT sector.

Business Branding Assistance

Your business will see the real success with our additional services that include advertising, and marketing client business. This is where our effective company branding assistance comes into action.